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"We meet customer expectations, with a broad range of products, high service quality and continuous improvement of all business processes."

Martin Zarges, Head Global Sales Division Components

Awarded for Business Excellence

The corporate model EFQM for Business Excellence, which facilitates a holistic view of an organisation, also has a long tradition at SCHURTER. Following integration of the EFQM model in the company, its effectiveness is checked in an annual self-assessment, and measures are determined on the basis of the results. The model was introduced to the corporate structure back in 1995. In the year 1998, only three years later, SCHURTER AG secured an award the first time it took part in the ESPRIX Swiss Award of Excellence. The second time it took part, in 2002, SCHURTER AG won the ESPRIX Swiss Award for Excellence in the major corporation category. It repeated this success in 2014, when it again won the award in the major enterprise category.

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Excellent Innovation

SCHURTER wins the 2013 Central Switzerland Innovation Award. With its MGA-S fuse for aerospace applications, SCHURTER has proven the company's innovative power and flexibility, and this effort has been rewarded with this year's IHZ Innovation Award. The IHZ jury was impressed not only by further developing a conventional fuse to make it suitable for aerospace applications but also by the certification by the European Space Agency (ESA). The result is that SCHURTER is the only European manufacturer whose fuses meet its strict requirements. The MGA-S is used today as a passive protective component in ESA satellites as well as those of the China Academy of Space Technology (CAST).

Award as an Employer

A high value is placed on employees at SCHURTER AG. The strategic success factor of personnel & society is firmly anchored in the company. In order to check whether the process is effective, and in order to position the business against other companies, SCHURTER AG has taken part in the Swiss Arbeitgeber Award every two years since 2003. This is based upon a detailed employee survey that evaluates the organisational operating conditions in terms of structure, culture, leadership, incentives and the transfer of knowledge from the perspective of employees, as well as the resulting personal attitudes of employees in respect of satisfaction, commitment and attractiveness of the employer. Following its victory the second time it took part in the year 2005, the second place in 2009 and the third place in 2011, SCHURTER AG secured a respectable ninth place in the year 2013.

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